About Us

Pottstown Citizens for Enlightened Leadership was established to:

1. Provide information and analysis to help inform readers about local issues.

2. Advocate for traditional neighborhoods which house people of all ages, races and incomes, with walkable neighborhood schools and tree-lined streets -- safe and attractive for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

3. Encourage Pottstown Borough and the Pottstown School District to conduct their business in an open and professional manner.

4. Make the best and most efficient use of community assets.

We do this through our Web site and through biweekly columns published in The Mercury as paid advertisements.

Our work is independent of any other public or private organization.

 Your feedback is welcome!

Note: Pottstown Citizens for Enlightened Government was created as a community service in 2007. It is financed entirely by Tom Hylton. In the interests of transparency, we file annual financial reports with the Montgomery County
Office of Voter Services as follows:

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Tom Hylton, treasurer and Web site editor, has lived with his wife, Frances, in an 1870 brick house at 222 Chestnut Street in downtown Pottstown, next to the Potts Family Burial Ground, for more than 40 years. They also own the neighboring apartment house at 220 Chestnut Street, where Tom's mom lived the last five years of her life. Frances retired in 2008 after 35 years as an elementary school teacher in the Pottstown School District.

During his first 22 years in Pottstown, Hylton wrote for The Mercury, where he won a Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing in 1990.  He resigned from the newspaper in 1994 to form a small non-profit and write a book about ways Pennsylvania can preserve its towns and countryside.  Later he produced and hosted a public television documentary based on the book that has aired more than 100 times on PBS stations nationwide. 

Hylton serves on the Pottstown School Board. However, the views expressed on this Web site are his alone and not those of the school district administration or the school board.

Hylton served 12 years as chairman of the Pottstown Planning Commission and 15 years as chairman of the Pottstown Shade Tree Commission.

This Web site was established in December 2008. Columns written for The Mercury have been published as paid advertisements.

The columns are used as a forum to promote the best aspects of Pottstown as a sustainable community. We believe these columns help promote good government and preserve Pottstown's core strengths, which include walkable, tree-lined streets and neighborhood schools. Freedom of speech is a precious right which can make our communities stronger.